About Independent Web Marketing

We provide a website set up, hosting and management service for businesses of any size who either need help setting up their first website, or who have an existing site that’s not fulfilling its potential.

Independent Web Marketing started off life as a small “home based” web production and hosting business in 1995 – in those days creating websites was similar to selling double glazing and having to explain what glass was!

Today we build, restructure, host and manage websites and mailboxes for hundreds of businesses all over the world.

Our clients operate in diverse market sectors, and geographically range from small local businesses based in the UK, the USA and even into Africa and The Seychelles.

Doing business over the Internet means that we never actually get to meet many of our clients, yet talking to them regularly and understanding what their business does – and how the Internet can make it more efficient – are vital components in their (and our!) success.

Once we have set up your website, we can proactively co-manage it with you, or you can be as self sufficient as you want to be, with us just here in the background to provide help, support and assistance whenever you need it.